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Things we should learn from the boys

Although they can be very sloppy, obsessed with boobs and rarely answer on our messages, girls can still learn something from the boys.

◘ Boys don't know about diet!
   In the restaurant they will never order only a salad, they enjoy in food and forget about kilograms.
   It's time to scale stop be your best friend!

◘ They love themselves most!
    When boys look in the mirror, they are never depressive, that pimple on their forehead doesn't mean the end of the world. And even when they are in the worst edition, they have a high opinion about themselves.
And that's great!

◘ Boys not analyzing !
   If they have a fight with their friend, they don't spend more than 3 minutes on that problem: if it's their fault they will excuse and go together on football match and everyrhing is OK again.

◘ They not gossip!
   We can't say they not comment hot girls, that surley do. But rarely will any of them start ugly rumor about other guy, how he will be cool in society. And we girls doing that very often.

◘ Boys wear comfortable clothes!
   No one guy will go out in too tight pants, uncomfortable shoes or bare back just because he will attract the attention of any girl. More comfor is better- that's male motto when clothing is in question.

   Why do guys think they are the best, the cleverest, the most interesting...?

Because they really think so! Actually we can't say they're conceited, it is about that boys rarely critically look at themselves. While girls find a hundred flaws, boys simply don't have such a set in their heads  that undermine themselves. In effect that's a good  feature, because boys are more pleased with themselves than girls, less depressive and more enjoy in life!

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