уторак, 30. јун 2015.

20 facts about me

This is just a part about me, but I think that's enough for now.
 So, let's go!

1. The truth is that I'm from Serbia.
2. I'm eighteen-year-old.
3. My interest is pharmacy
4. I have siblings.
5. Sometimes I can be very shy and obstinate.
6. I'm organized and neat and I hate when somebody is late.
7. I like to watch comedy, but my favorite movie is "Titanic".
8. The most I like of makeup is lipstick
9. My favorite parfum is That moment by One Direction.
10.  I'm excellent student.

11. I like animals, I have cat and dog as a pets.
12. I think that is better to have a couple of friends, than dozes of them but fake.
13. I can't trust to anyone fully, but others can have full trust in me because I know to keep a secret
and give a good advices.
14. I absolutely adore sweets and candys.
15. I think that I'm the only girl who doesn't love to paint nails. :D 

16. My favorite season is summer.
17. My zodiac is scorpion.
18. Sometimes I am able to listen music all day. Besides music is very important to me,
 I like pop, rock, R'N'B..
19. I do not take everything to heart, I can say I'm phlegmatic.
20. And  in the future I'll write and on Serbian language because many of you are from Serbia.

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  1. Grate post! I am folow you. if you want folow me back!


  2. great blog,i love your blogs header or backround haha you can visit my blog too if you want <33 http://justbeyourselfa.blogspot.com/

  3. Svidja mi ser tvoj blog, dobar post! :* Zaprati me ako zelis! :)

    New post: http://marinailes9.blogspot.com/2015/07/jeans.html

  4. Hvala ti puno. ♥:)
    Upravo sam te zapratila. :*


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